Will – Contractions – Pronunciation

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Learning how to use the contractions for be makes you more fluent.

Learning to hear the contractions makes listening much easier.

Contractions of the verb ‘Will’

We contract ‘will’ when we are speaking. Like this

Form              Contraction

I Will         i‘ll  / aɪl /

You will     you’ll  / juːll /

We will        we’ll / wiːl /

They will       they’ll  / ðeɪl /

She will       She’ll  / hiːl /

He will        He’ll  / ʃiːl /

It will         it’ll  / ɪtəl /

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 About ‘Will’ 

Will is a modal auxiliary verb. It is most commonly used in two ways in English.

As a ‘future form’

           I will see you tomorrow.

and to make predictions

Barcelona will win the Champions league this year.

There are several other uses.

We often contract ‘will’ in normal speech but sometimes we like to emphasise the word to add importance to the idea when we do this we do not contract the word ‘will.’

Listen to the exercise and choose the form of will you hear.


  1. I’ll be famous one day.
  2. You know  I will never let you down.
  3. We’ll  be there in ten minutes.
  4. By the year 2525  we will all be living in Space.
  5. You’ll  never believe what happened to me today.
  6. Simon, you will call me when you get there won’t you.
  7. She’ll be cold if she doesn’t put a coat on.
  8. She said she will go to the party if you go too.
  9. He’ll call you at 7 pm.
  10. I don’t want any desert but he will have a coffee, thank you.
  11. It’s a crazy plan,  it’ll never work.