18 Sep 2016

Tips For Learning English Online

Learning a new language can be quite the challenge, but there are plenty of resources available to help us learn at home on our own, thanks to the Internet. Taking on such an endeavour can be easier than you may think with the power of the world wide web behind you, and by following a few of these easy tips you will find yourself speaking fluent English faster than you could ever imagine.

Choose a Reputable Site to Learn From
There are many websites available in which to help you master the English language, but when choosing which one is best for you take the time to choose carefully. Find a site that offers English lessons at every level, ranging from extreme beginner to advanced speakers looking for practice. A reputable site will provide you all of the tools and resources you need to teach yourself the language at your own pace and ensure your grammar and context is correct.

Surround Yourself With the Language
A great way to pick up a language quickly is to surround yourself with it as much as possible. That may seem difficult if you live in a country where English is not the first language, but it is not the obstacle you may think it is. Listen to English-speaking radio stations, visit English websites and practice by keeping an English journal. These things will help you learn the language more quickly and have a better understanding.

Make Learning Fun for Yourself
Learning a new language can be repetitious and frustrating at times. It is important to make it fun and interesting because the more engaged you are in learning English the faster and easier it will be for you. Try and relate learning the language to things you enjoy, like translating your favourite song lyrics or leaving post-its with funny or inspiring words on them around the house. However you approach mastering the English language, there should be some element of fun and enjoyment in it for you, as that will help you learn faster and keep you interested.

Train Your Ear
Train your ear by listening to real English being spoken at a normal pace. In the beginning, it may seem confusing and very overwhelming but it is an important step to learning to speak a language fluently. In the beginning you will obviously not be able to understand well or keep up, but as time goes on your comprehension will improve and you will be listening to the language spoken as it should be – so it will be helpful in your delivery as well. Look for podcasts or television programs in English to practice using this technique.

Don’t Just Learn the Language, Learn the Culture
Learning to speak English is one thing but to truly learn the language and understand it properly it is necessary to learn about the culture of English speaking regions as well. Knowing vocabulary and understanding grammar is one thing, but truly communicating in another language requires some knowledge of the culture. Speaking a foreign language requires an understanding of how other cultures think, not just speak.

Chris Ryu


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