Top Tips for Better Pronunciation

SoundsEnglish will keep adding new pronunciation exercises in the coming months but improving pronunciation is something you can work on at home. Here are some useful ideas to help you.

1) Decide on your accent

British and American are the most common accents. They each have advantages and disdvantages. You must choose which will be most useful for you.

2) Know the phonetic alphabet

Hopefully you have had some practice and are now familiar with most of the phonetic chart in English. It is really useful to know this and in particular to put the pronunciation into any new words you hear, expecially when there might be difficult sounds in the words.

3) Focus on rhythm and stress.

Getting the rhythm and the stress right will improve your fluency and speaking confidence more than any other practice you can do. It will make English speakers react better to you and will mean that you are better accepted in English speaking cultures.

4) Use online resources

You’re already using SoundsEnglish so well done! But there are many more resources out there , search on your tube for pronunciation help and watch loads of videos!

5) Copy a voice you like

many learners choose someone whose voice they like and try to copy their intonation, accent and rhythm. This can work really well, but be careful to choose someone who speaks well.

6) Practice

Give yourself ten or 15 minutes every day to focus on improving your pronunciation. Pick a sound or another part of pronunciation and focus on that for the day. Over a few weeks oyu can really make a big difference to your speaking this way. But the important thing is to keep doing it, not once a week but every day if you can.

7) Record yourself

It’s important to hear what you sound like speaking English so you know what you need to improve! You can compare what you sound like to what you want to sound like. For example, listen to a SoundsEnglish recording and then record yourself saying the same thing. Then compare t he two to see where you can improve..

Most phones and computers have the facility to do recordings like this. If you really don’t have one then you can try using soundcloud or vocaroo.

9 – Don’t be shy

Making mistakes is how we learn. Only by speaking can you improve your speaking. You might think t hat you sound terrible and you might be uncomfortable but you just have to forget about it and talk anyway! Talking to friends and family in English can be a good first step. Also playing multi player games where you can communicate with other team members can really help.

Thats all!

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