03 Jan 2017

New year, new language

At last, 2017 is upon us!

Christmas is gone, and, in England at least, the days are getting slightly longer – not necessarily warmer, but it’s progress towards Spring, all the same.

Synonymous with a New Year, come resolutions – you know, things like the promise to give up smoking, get more exercise, eat healthier and the like.

At Sounds English, we think that your New Year should include learning to write, speak and read English – and yes, we know that we’re slightly biased, but we’d still love to have you aboard the good ship ‘English.’

Did you know, for example, that for the price of one typical English lesson, you could have access to all six of our English courses for one year, including top-quality resources, like e-books, tests to measure your progress, and any new lessons that we publish throughout the time of your membership – a typical private English lesson can cost anything from £20 to £35 per hour, possibly more.

Compare that to the cost of a membership at soundsenglish.com and, as we say in England “you’re going to be quids in” or whatever currency you’re currently using – as we accept PayPal, it really doesn’t matter!

Why wouldn’t you want to learn English at a time of your choosing, basically anywhere you have Internet access – who cares if you’re in your pyjamas? The end result is all that matters – speaking, writing, reading and understanding English – and we can help you to achieve it.

So, now we got the why Sounds English sorted, what can we say about your motivation, the reason you want to learn English in the first place?

We all need motivation and/or a reason to do things. Some just to survive, some to work effectively (the need to eat, to pay our bills and provide for our families, for example) and, of course some to simply enjoy ourselves in life.

What would be your motivation?

You might need to pass your International English Language Testing System examination to gain a place at an English-speaking university or college, for example. Employers, especially those with a global presence, are increasingly insisting on their employees having a competent grasp of the English language as a condition of their employment – and, a quick check on the web reveals that it’s not cheap, with just 4 weeks of study (at around 30 lessons a week), costing around £1100, so, the more prepared you are, the cheaper and more effective, your learning experience will be.

As we said earlier, for the price of one private English lesson, you could join our online service for learning English at soundsenglish.com, knowing that you’re getting the benefit of over 20 years’ experience in language learning at a price you can afford.

What are you waiting for?

Join us at soundsenglish.com and start your journey today? There are FREE lessons, booklets and tests to find your level of understanding – and a FREE trial!

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, whatever your reason for wanting to learn English.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Chris Ryu


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