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 Completed the English Level Test?  for advice on how to study and what you should study at each level of english you can download our free Ebook.

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SoundsEnglish.com has lots of pages of advice and information on how to learn and what to learn.

We have six courses. One for each level : Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.

We also have a comprehensive  pronunciation course which is the best available on the web.

SoundsEnglish.com adds new lessons every month. The goal is for us to have the most complete and useful set of courses anywhere on the web.

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Test your English

What’s your level? The English Level test is just for fun but can help you know which lessons  on SoundsEnglish will be best for you.

SoundsEnglish.com is great value. All SIX of our courses are accessible for the price of just ONE english course book.