21 Dec 2016

Learning English

At soundsenglish.com, the aim of learning English using our unique online resources and lessons, is to get you thinking, writing and reading in your new language as soon as possible.

Ultimately, the more you can use English in your daily life instead of your Mother tongue, the faster your progress will be. And, the ways in which you can do this are surprisingly simple.

Everybody these days has technology.

We use it for work and leisure, whether it be a computer, tablet, phone or TV – and, of course, we never consider that these devices could help us to retrain our brain and start to use English naturally.

But they can!

Because you’re already familiar with the workings of your device in your native tongue, the settings will be in the same position when you had them in your original language, so the transition won’t be too difficult.

Changing the language to English forces you out of your comfort zone and, you’ll start to think in English. It’s been proven in studies that this accelerates your learning.

Try also, as much as you can to:

  • Reply in English – don’t just translate – transfer this to your writing too, as much as you can.
  • Learn new words, synonyms, antonyms and exercise the part of your brain that processes language.
  • Get yourself an English Learners Dictionary. Your investment will pay dividends many times over.
  • Study in a group or with friends. That way, you’ll stay motivated and have fun at the same time, making learning easier.
  • Keep notes – they will help you chart your progress. Use colour, or whatever helps things to stick in your brain. Revisit them regularly
  • Stick to your studies. Schedule regular study time, don’t over face yourself or you’ll lose focus. Any time spent learning is worthwhile.

There are other things you can do to speed your learning and these are explored further, in our FREE ‘How to Learn English’ booklet which you can download here. [link to booklet download]

It will also help you to discover what type of learner you are.

Use the resources at soundsenglish.com – they will help you plan your journey to speaking, reading, writing and understanding the English language.

You’ll also improve your grammar, pronunciation (an essential skill for verbal communication) and vocabulary.

Our owner, Graeme has taught English across four continents and helped thousands of people like you to learn the English language from basic, through to intermediate and advanced level.

In learning English, these people have advanced their careers, their education and their horizons.

So, why not join us at soundsenglish.com and start your journey today? There are FREE lessons, booklets and tests to find your level of understanding – and a FREE trial!

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, whatever your reason for wanting to learn English.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Chris Ryu

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