20 Jul 2016

Learn English Online – The Pros and Cons

Learning English has become somewhat of a necessity. English is considered the global language, and you will increase your chances of getting a good job by learning it. But, how do you go about doing so? You need to decide whether to learn English online, or whether to go to classes or hire a private tutor. Below, we will reveal the pros and cons of learning English over the Internet.

There are many reasons why learning English online is a good idea. Firstly, you can learn at your own pace, as you will have 24-hour access to learning materials. Lessons can take place whenever you want them to, be it 6.00 am or 10.00 pm. You don’t have to schedule them in advance, offering you more flexibility. Moreover, you will likely spend more time on learning the language, meaning you will pick it up quicker. This is not only due to the flexibility of online lessons, but also because they are much cheaper than classes and private lessons. You can also learn from anywhere, which is ideal for those who travel a lot.
Another benefit of online learning is that it is completely tailored to you. If you were to go to English classes, they would be general and catered to everyone’s needs, meaning you are unlikely to extract maximum value from them. But, with online learning, you can focus on the areas that you struggle with. Everyone learns differently as well, and there will be an abundance of learning materials available to you via the web.

As you can see, the benefits of online learning are extensive, leaving very few negative points. One thing to note about learning online is that you are going to need to be a bit more self-motivated and disciplined. You are only going to have yourself to answer to if you start slacking, so it is up to you to be dedicated. However, when you consider the benefits of learning English, that will be enough to keep your eyes on the prize.

There is also the belief that it is difficult to know whether you are pronouncing things correctly if you don’t have someone there to tell you otherwise. However, due to the advances in technology, this is not the case anymore. There are plenty of videos and audio files available for you to refer to, enabling you to ensure you are on the right track.

If you’re looking to learn English from anywhere in the world, at times to suit you, then it’s clear to see that learning English online is an extremely good option to consider.

Chris Ryu

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