Learn the Phonetic Alphabet

Learning the Phonetic Alphabet can be really useful in helping you to speak better English.

All languages have their own set of sounds. English may have some sound that your language does not have. You can find more information on which sounds you need to focus on here.

Just click the buttons and listen, Try to remember  each sound. Play with it , maybe try to ‘spell’  your name.

When you use a dictionary you will notice that above the word you see the phonetic way to say that word – this can be really useful!

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An online guide to English Pronunciation

The phonetic alphabet is divided into:

Vowel sounds – these are the ones that are heard when words have A,E,I,O, or U in them – the ones with ‘:’ are long sounds

Diphthongs – These are double vowel sounds – many English Words have  more than one vowel sound together like Chair or Ear – which of these does your language have?

Consonants – Your language may not have some of these sounds – try them and practice saying them.

SoundsEnglish has many exercises to practice all of these phonetic sounds.


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