Have you ever wanted to go travelling?

Visit lots of different countries and experience their cultures?

For young British people travelling is something that many of them do, or want to do. Often they go with just a backpack and a little money.


If you could go travelling where would you like to visit? Why?

Listen to Sophie talking about the best place she has visited and decide which countries she talks about.


(some of the vocabulary is not so easy, don’t worry about it you can get vocabulary help in part 2)

=1. India








1.India. true
2.China. false
3.Australia. false
4.Vietnam. true
5.Bali. false
6.Thailand. false
7.Brazil. true
8.Chile. true

Sophie talks about the best place she has ever visited.

Wow you’re back, good to see you.
Hi, yes we got back on Monday.
Great, how is your jet lag?
H, terrible I sleep all day and I am awake half the night.
How awful, still it must be nice to be home.
It is, yes, but you know I am really glad i went travelling . there are so many wonderful things to see in the world.
It sounds fantastic. So, tell me what’s the best place you visited.
Ooohh, that’s a hard one, there are so  many great places to choose from.
Ok, but if you had to choose just one which would it be?
Hmmmm, oh I don’t know. India was amazing but it is so big I don’t think you could see it all in a lifetime. We were only there two months, in Goa. It was fantastic.
So, Goa then?
Er, no wait Thailand was fantastic too. The beaches were so beautiful, and the food! Delicious.
Yeah you could buy pad thai from a stall in the street for about 30 baht and it tasted incredible.
So Thailand then?
Maybe. But Bali was incredible too. It is really green and lush, palm trees and the people wers so friendly and kind.,
Uh huh
And they have this dance called the monkey dance.  It is really great, they sing and dance in a circle  it’s really cool.
Soo, Bali then?
No, wait, Brazil was amazing! The people, the beaches the food, the atmosphere, everything about it was great.
So, Brazil?
Well, yes, but,, wait no, we were robbed there, in Bahia,
No! what happened.
Oh, some kid snatched my bag when we were walking down the street one evening. I had all my bank cards in it , and my passport too.
Oh that is terrible.
Yes it took ages to get a new one.. So that was a bit annoying.
Oh I can bet, nothing to do but lie on the beach and wait….I am so envious! So Brazil wasn’t the best then?
No, oh, I don’t know which was the best and there are so many more places to visit, ask me again when I get back.
When you get back?
Yes, I am going away again next week,
No! you’ve only just got here!
Yeah, but…you know…. i have a taste for it now. I can’t stop!
Oh, I wish I could go too.
Well, come with me then.
Wow, really?
Yeah just buy a ticket and come along.

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