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Present Simple and Present Continuous – Grammar – Intermediate

PRESENT SIMPLE AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS – GRAMMAR – INTERMEDIATE What's the difference between the Present Simple / Present Continuous ? ...
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Can and Can’t – Grammar – Elementary

There are three main meanings and uses of 'Can' that you need to learn. Can = able to - e.g ...
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Top Tips for Better Pronunciation

SoundsEnglish will keep adding new pronunciation exercises in the coming months but improving pronunciation is something you can work on ...
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The Lottery Winner – Listening – Comprehension Copy

Listen to Sarah, a young woman who won the Lottery. Before you listen think about the questions. Listen and decide ...
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Passive Practice – Grammar – Advanced

Learning different passive structures can help your writing, particularly for Academic and business writing Hundreds more great lessons available SoundsEnglish ...
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Will – Contractions – Pronunciation

Learning how to use the contractions for be makes you more fluent. Learning to hear the contractions makes listening much ...
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Vowel sounds – ɪ and iː – Pronunciation

For many learners from many different languages it can be difficult to hear the difference between these two sounds. A ...
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Stress in Sentences – Pronunciation

Getting the stress on the right words in a sentence can really improve your fluency and your ability to communicate ...
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Present Perfect with superlatives – Upper Intermediate

Take a look at this sentence and think about the parts of it. Superlatives can be a really effective way ...
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Ball Sports, Vocabulary, Elementary

One really clever way to learn vocabulary is to think about a place or a topic - like sports or ...
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Make and Do – Collocation – Vocabulary -Intermediate

There are several types of collocation in English. The most useful and common are Verb + Noun Collocations. Collocation means ...
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Past Perfect – Grammar – Upper Intermediate

Past perfect –helps us to talk about an earlier past. When we use it in stories, it can tell us ...
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Meeting People – Functional language – Pre Intermediate

MEETING PEOPLE – FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE – PRE INTERMEDIATE Before you listen think about these questions. When you meet a new ...
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The Beatles – Video – Song- Pre Intermediate

Listening to songs can improve your English very quickly. Sing along! That helps too! "You've Got to Hide Your Love ...
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The London Eye- Video – Comprehension, Intermediate

These days everyone who visits London wants to visit the London eye. It's a great experience. Have you been there? ...
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60s grandma work

Past Simple Verbs, Grammar, Elementary

You are going to listen to Mary talking about her life when she was a young woman in London in ...
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Learn the Phonetic Alphabet

Learning the Phonetic Alphabet can be really useful in helping you to speak better English. All languages have their own ...
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girl backpacker map

The Best Place, Comprehension, Pre Intermediate

THE BEST PLACE, COMPREHENSION, PRE INTERMEDIATE Have you ever wanted to go travelling? Visit lots of different countries and experience ...
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