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So you want to learn English?

But you want to write and speak correctly.

English language can be complicated, for example, when do you use ‘they’re,’ ‘their’ and ‘there?’

At, we’ve been teaching English to people from all over the world, for both work and pleasure, for over 20 years.

Our students work their way through our courses:

  • Elementary English
  • Pre-Intermediate English
  • Intermediate English
  • Advanced English
  • English Pronunciation

There are over 200 lessons, available to suit all levels, and they are only available from, the premier English language teaching resource.

For the price of just one regular English lesson, you can access all six courses – to buy a textbook covering just one of the courses would cost you at least £29.99 – there is no cheaper way to learn the English language.

So, not only do we teach you how to speak and read, write and listen to the English language competently, we offer great value too!

You’ll receive top-quality resources, your vocabulary will improve, you’ll communicate more confidently, and you will open up opportunities that weren’t previously available to you.

These courses are a must if you need to learn English fast, either for you career advancement, education, or even just pleasure.

Full membership gives you full access to all 6 English courses on Sounds English for 1 year. You will also be able to access all new lessons as they are uploaded.

Speaking, listening, reading and writing – in English, in no time!

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SoundsEnglish – speaking your language for over 20 years.

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