Passive Practice – Grammar – Advanced

Learning different passive structures can help your writing, particularly for Academic and business writing


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Below are lots of different passive structures made using different tenses.

Drag and drop the passive forms into the sentences.

My trip to London on business was an incredible experience.I had been asked by my boss, to give a presentation on our latest project.When I arrived at the headquarters I was treated like a king by the local staff and was told how much my contributions to the project so far had been appreciated by everyone. This made me feel great because I had been worried about whether the changes I had suggested so far would be well received. In fact, the managers showed me how happy they were with my work because I was offered a transfer to the London office. I can tell you that I was delighted to have been considered for such a move as I know that this would be great for my career. I was given a month to make my decision by Human Resources and I was promised a large pay increase if I decide to take the job. So I now have a lot of thinking to do. As an extra incentive I was promised a company car so that makes it an even harder offer to turn down.